Barbara Corcoran Productions


In the fourth quarter of 2004, Barbara Corcoran sold her eponymous real estate agency, The Corcoran Group. Rather than retire quietly, Corcoran decided to take her effervescent personality and real estate acumen to an uncharted medium and re-launch her career, in television. Corcoran’s television personality - with expertise in real estate – aspires to follow the lead of figures such as Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey.

The television production studio and offices for Barbara Corcoran Inc. accommodate private offices for executives (including Corcoran), multiple conference areas, open workstations for production staff and assistants, editing suites for show production and a studio space.

Upon entering the production studio visitors are greeted by a reception wall that is covered with an abstract pattern resembling the blurry code of DNA mapping.  These patterns are actually derived from newspaper real estate ads.  Barbara Corcoran’s “DNA” is real estate.  Through her new medium of television, Corcoran is able to decode the world of real estate as she educates a mass audience.