Bellport Residence

residential renovation, addition and historic restoration


The original barn structures on this property were built in 1860 and moved to their current locations and converted to residential use in approximately 1910. During the renovation and conversion in 1910, architectural elements from a nearby church slated for demolition were collaged onto the farmhouse to create a unique hybrid of building typologies. The grafting of diamond-pane church windows, church pews, and interior wood church paneling onto the agricultural spaces of the farm buildings created dynamic interior spaces.

Through the restoration and renovation, the project was eligible for listing on the New York State Register of Historic Sites. A respect for the buildings’ history and evolving use is evident throughout the project. Modern insertions are juxtaposed with existing conditions showing the patina and scars of time. These traces from history enrich the modern condition and allow the present to engage directly with the past.



historic residential restoration/addition


Bellport, NY

project square footage
3,900 sf

scope of services
• design
• construction


Bjorg Magnea


honors and publications:

2012 AIA Design Award Winner

Elle Decor, May 2010

Bazaar, November 1999


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