Bureau Betak

commercial interior renovation



The offices for Bureau Betak were converted from a 6,200 square foot, second floor sweatshop on the threshold of Chinatown and Soho. Simple, cost-effective lighting and materials were used to transform the space with elegant restraint and warmth. A back-lit membrane of stretched translucent PVC creates a ‘glowing box’ which illuminates their creative lab where mockups of Bureau Betak’s productions are installed.

The fluid spatial organization allows for flexibility and encourages collaboration. At the perimeter of the space, ‘slabs’ of storage cabinetry control entry and views of the space and define limits of the main office and back office. In the center of the space, lines of flexible desktop surfaces allow for future expansion. At the rear of the space, partial height walls define the executive offices and primary conference area.



commercial interior offices

Bureau Betak

New York, NY

project square footage
6,000 sf

scope of services
• planning
• design
• construction


Peter Aaron, ESTO


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