DNA Model Management

commercial interior office renovation


DNA Model Management is a boutique model agency that has become a powerhouse in the fashion industry. In an environment often criticized for its objectification of women, DNA stands apart by treating their models in a familial manner. Because this management style transcends the strictly professional, DNA required offices that are similarly flexible. A variety of private and open spaces are provided with additional informal interior and exterior areas for work, collaboration and relaxation.

In addition to 6,500 square feet of interior space, DNA has a private 1,500 square foot planted roof deck. The transition from their 6th floor space up to their roof deck is created with a 465 square foot planted terrarium. The terrarium is open to the sky and brings additional day light into the center of the floor.


project commercial offices location New York, NY size 6,600sf client DNA Model scope of services planning, design, construction completion 2012 photography Bjorg Magnea

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