Graduate School of Education, Hunter College

Frankfort Education Library



Adaptive technology and video analysis are transforming the way teachers learn to teach.  The Education Library at Hunter College provides an environment for education students to utilize these technologies to improve their teaching skills and techniques.  In addition to traditional textbooks, lesson plans and manipulatives, the library has three smart classroom-labs outfitted with student and teacher video recording equipment.  There are a variety of group study spaces outfitted with video smartboards to facilitate access to their recorded instruction sessions. 

Every candidate for a degree or certificate at the Hunter College School of Education is required to go through a process of video analysis of their teaching. As part of the student teaching or practicum course, students record video of their teaching -- a full lesson -- and upload it to a video server; available for review and practice with supervising faculty.

Despite its standing as the largest academic division at Hunter College, the School of Education is the only School that does not have a library dedicated to its students and programs.  The Frankfort Education Library will provide subject-specific spaces for students to study and/or work on group projects together; access educational materials, and work individually on assignments and research projects in free time after work and before classes start. 

Most of the School of Education’s students are graduate-level pupils who work full-time and thus attend school part-time, in many cases commuting long distances to attend Hunter.  Consequently, most classes are offered in the evening to accommodate their busy schedules.  The library will be a destination where students can meet and study comfortably, often after a day of work.

One of the most unique features of the Frankfort Education Library is its space for the viewing and analysis of teachers’ classroom videos.  Interactive video smartboards are mounted on walls of translucent white glass.  The glass walls create semi-private space for student-teachers to upload, edit and review videos while also acting as markerboards for sharing ideas and collaborative learning.

Featured prominently at the library’s entry, a wall-sized mural of New York City maps the location of all 1,700 public schools.  Each school is designated by a red LED light.  Schools which employ a Hunter College graduate are illuminated.  Each glowing light represents the impact of their colleagues and classmates and the broad, positive impact of the School of Education at Hunter College.


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