Petro North

commercial interior office renovation

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PetroNorth is a purchasing collective of residential homeowners that use their collective power to negotiate discounted prices for the purchase of home heating oil. Private offices and conference rooms at PetroNorth are defined by a series of translucent “ecoresin” panels which display environmental graphics illustrating the history of the price of oil from 1970.

An open work area of repurposed trading desks accommodate phone banks of PetroNorth customer service and marketing employees. Phone and data lines which connect customers traverse the ceiling in recycled “greenpipe” throughout the space. The undulating form of low-voltage wiring weaves its way through a rigid support frame and creates a field in which mechanical, lighting and electrical systems simultaneously co-exist.



commercial offices

Petro North

New York, NY

project square footage
8,600 sf

scope of services
• planning
• design
• construction


Calvert Wright Architecture


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