Long Island residence

seasonal private residence


This summer residence is situated on a pristine area of Fire Island with vast view of Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. The entrance ramp ascends behind the house to filter allow the house to frame views to the water. The house’s public spaces are on the top floor to capture dramatic views to the ocean and bay.

A small courtyard in the center of the upper floor acts as a ‘suntrap’ which brings additional sunlight to the upper floors. This exterior space is partially enclosed to create a unique space that is simultaneously public and private, interior and exterior. The natural dunescape of ground plane is recreated at the roof level with indigenous plantings and seedum. The experience from this artificial ground plane is dizzying in its 360 degree views of the bay to the north and ocean to the south.


project private residential location New York, NY size 3,080sf client private scope of services design, construction completion 2009 photography Calvert Wright Architecture


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